This was  the first travel plan which we ever implemented in our two years at MBA


Just back from the college after an annoying presentation of a project we call Capstone where a gentleman kept asking questions which meant nothing, we were sitting in the canteen with cups of well made tea.It was 6 in the evening and the presentation was virtually the end of any seriousness which was left in MBA .
Point of discussion was what to do .So there came another plan ….to go out somewhere .This was the continuation of our numerous discussions in such circumstances earlier,where we had almost gone to Diu, Shimla,Darjeeling ,Kerala.We were good at chalking things out .Anyways this time it started with Goa .We decided that we would go to Goa .The same night .A group of 8 was what we needed to ensure economies of scale .Everything was chalked out ….but as usual we had almost made it ….

However something was different .We were resolute this time and were determined to leave some place wherever it may me.It was almost like a mission which had a sense of pride attached to it .Ting!!!! Udaipur ……one of us said

The analysis of the proposed trip was done and following figures were brought out

Distance:200 odd
Time: 5hrs
Days :2
Min People required:4
Average Cost : 2000 per head
This was not that simple as it took us the whole night.The feasibility study was over .
Luckily we had a friend who would come along with us to satisfy the requirement of four .
So after a meticulous planning of around 12-14 hrs we had finally made up our mind that we are leaving….
That happened the next day at 1.30 pm .Four of us embarked on a journey which would prove to be great fun

By Samanvay

I am a Marketer by profession. I love travel and exploring new places.There is a sense of freedom in every journey taken and and I would like to revel in as many of them in the time I am afforded. Sharing my experiences is what this blog is about.

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