Well let me apologise for the spelling mistakes in the last ..that is if you read it ….
So i left at the Mukki gate in the last post of mine.We somehow did some tp .The wait was for the clock to hit 5 so that we can go through the paperwork required to get a gypsy .
At the same time there were the drivers of the gypsies who were drooling over our Tucson.Obviously they had seen it for the first time.And if they spent so much time looking at it they were not at fault.This vehicle is a class act .Of course we were not able to find out the bhp rating of this vehicle .Surdy did his best but failed.Anyways there we were waiting to be let in the forest .The time was well utilised by taking some rare pics with the Mukki gate.

Finally the clock showed 5 as it had to.We got a green gypsy @15 km per km.Well u can pay that considering the fact this drive had the potential of providing us the sight of the majestic Tiger.As we started it started getting cloudy .And suddenly the weather had become pleasant.A few kms inside the forest we were greeted by a group of Chitals and Spotted deers.A pause to capture them in the camera and we went on .The next in line was the national bird Peacock.We tried to capture but he was a lil camera shy.We kept moving on .Suddenly dada cried out dekho dekho ..everybody turned started lookin here and ..perhaps we were lucky.And dada again said dekho murgi !! hmm we were lucky .The drive continued .We continued with the drive.Again we saw some deers on a stetch of open lands.They were goin to be the most generous one as we kept spotting them.
The murgis and murgas were seen again.Then we spotted the Bysons.They are huge and we were told that they cud be as heavy as 1 ton.As we continued the drive we saw the wild boar ,the Wild Dogs and Stags .
However what made this drive even more memorable was the beautiful weather.We were in an open gypsy.First the sun went out and it became very pleasant.Then a very cool breeze started flowin.The feeling was awesome.We knew that it was goin to rain.And it rained .And when it rained the scenes were to awesomet.Its awesome when u are moving in the open grasslands of this park with rain all aroundThe animals are running in groups for shelter.
However rain did cut our drive short as it is dangerous ,there are possibilites of blocked roads through uprooted trees and u getting stagnated.So we drove back to ensure our safety.

Back to Mukki gate at 6.30 pm.It was thrilling drive never to be forgotten

By Samanvay

I am a Marketer by profession. I love travel and exploring new places.There is a sense of freedom in every journey taken and and I would like to revel in as many of them in the time I am afforded. Sharing my experiences is what this blog is about.

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