It has been a long summer, the temperature at times unbearable. For months the talk of a deficient monsoon has been ripe as EL Nino is supposed to leave its mark again. It is proving to be an unwanted nemesis for our newly elected government, surely the goods days will be delayed if weather continues to play spoilsport.We heard news of Mumbai being drenched in water, even my hometown Raipur receiving rains but the northern plains have been kept devoid of nature’s mercy. Barring a few days when some discreet showers in early July made it humane to sit in your living room the weather has been scathing. It was only last Thursday that the heavens really opened and it poured incessantly. So much that the traffic on NH8 came to a standstill. The day after was as good as it has got here. The dust had settled down and you could clearly see the farthest building under construction on the boundaries of this ever expanding city. The sky was clear and cool breeze blew across.The setting sun  left a hue of orange and red amid a blue and grey sky as if celebrating the temporary respite.

By Samanvay

I am a Marketer by profession. I love travel and exploring new places.There is a sense of freedom in every journey taken and and I would like to revel in as many of them in the time I am afforded. Sharing my experiences is what this blog is about.

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