This was a few months back in February. The Delhi winter was easing out slightly, so getting up early on a Sunday morning was not that difficult. The effort was for an outdoor session planned with my photography group, we were to visit the Surajkund Fair. It is an annual fair organized by Haryana tourism in the month of February, now a great platform for artisans from across the country to showcase their craft. It is organized in the backdrop of the ancient Surajkund Lake, built by the king Suraj Pal in the 10th century, not far from Gurgaon it took us less than an hour to reach there.

We had arrived there quite early but the crowd had already started building up, bursting with energy. We entered into an arena which was vivid and colourful. Some of the craftsmen had already put their nifty artefacts on display, while there were some for whom the day’s business was yet to start. Each stall belonged to a different state but everyone was as mesmerizing as the one next to it.Walking through this fair was like going through an album showcasing the most peculiar arts which thrive in different parts of this country. At every step there was something to admire and it was difficult not be amazed with the sheer intricacy of craft which was on display here.The beauty of it was complemented thoroughly by an equally colourful mass of people which brought the whole place alive .They drifted from one store to another with a sense of dicovery and awe, huddled around the food stalls to tickle their taste buds, danced along with their friends and simply soaked in the fun.
It was a great learning experience walking through and capturing one of the most vibrant places you could be in !
Which colour would you prefer to have your coffee in ?

A woman setting up her beautiful pottery at the Surajkund Crafts Fair !
People do enjoy being here !

if you get tired then there is a food court to take a break

By noon the fair is bursting at seams with people !

By Samanvay

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