It was not a surprise that Cyber Hub, one of the hotspots of Gurgaon (I am still coming to terms with Gurugram) was buzzing on  Christmas eve. One of the colder nights of this season added a christmasy chill to  the place decorated with glittery lights. ready for Santa to come calling with his gifts. People were attracted to the big Christmas tree set up next to the amphitheatre, perfect for a Merry Christmas selfie.


Around this beautifully decorated Christmas tree small stalls sold chocolates, pastries and cake making it a mini carnival. There were people from all the age groups, families who had come out to spend time together, younger groups with their friends there to have undiluted fun.By eight the place was choc a block with people and we thought of  getting ourselves a table for dinner.


At Cyber Hub there isn’t a dearth of restaurants but on a night like this even finding a table for two could be challenging.Our daughter was already in sleep mode so that further limited our options. After some failed attempts we checked with Indigo Deli and they confirmed us a a table. Indigo Deli happens to be one of my wife’s favourites, having frequented it in Mumbai and has recently opened in Cyber Hub.We had hurried to reach there in our bid to secure the table promised to us.It was a fear totally uncalled for as the place was relatively less crowded, later we found out why – no liquor licence which was due in few days.Nonetheless it was a beautifully done place with an ambiance which brought a touch of warmth on a chilly night.We got a cute liitle table for two in small space which was carved out next to the counter, a little off the regular restaurant floor, it had a  private feel about it.There was enough space for placing our daughter’s stroller in which she had comfortably slept off, a big plus.This corner which we got was like a piece of  your own living room  with a book shelf and artefacts behind my chair, a subltle addition to its character .img_4391

As soon as we had settled we got the basket of our complimentary bread , so freshly baked you could smell it. Even though we had yet to place our order,  there was already a feeling of being satiated with the overall setting we found ousrselves in and who doesn’t love a bread fresh out of the oven.Wafer thin pizzas is what we ordered to begin with and it would be blasphemous if a meal at Indigo do not include these.The taste of the fresh, thin and crispy crust with a smearing of cheese on it  was unbeatable.A band was soundtesting while we we enjoyed our delicous pizza(s) so we also antcipated good live music with  food which had already grouded us with its flavours. The captain of the place helped me choose my main dish, their signature roast chicken and my wife ordred Egg’s Benedict.He was quite impressive by the standards of Gurtgaon, well trained, attentive and prompt with suggestions.Our main dishes, beautifully presented, continued the lovely flavourful experience.In the meantime the band had managed to begin playing some music to liven up the mood further. We capped of our meal with their home made icecream, a perfectly delicous ending to a nice little outing on Christmas.


By Samanvay

I am a Marketer by profession. I love travel and exploring new places.There is a sense of freedom in every journey taken and and I would like to revel in as many of them in the time I am afforded. Sharing my experiences is what this blog is about.

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