We visited the Surajkund Mela yesterday, an annual affair held during February every year. It brings together artisans and craftsmen not only from across the country but from beyond our borders as well.Having visited it once in 2014 I knew the best thing,logistically, would be to reach there early. The mela timings were 10.00 am to 8.30 pm and we got ourselves comfortably admitted by 10.30 am.Prior booking of tickets in BookMyShow helped. The theme this year is around Jharkhand so there was an additional focus on the state’s art and culture. We spent a good 3-4 hours walking around, admired some of the most delicate art forms our country has, enjoyed the festive atmosphere created by folk dances and music in the premises, tickled our taste buds with the variety of food available especially delectable Litti Choka.

Musicians playing “Dhol and Bin” near the entrance , the music immediately gets your  anticipation going  !
Colourful expression of our craftsmen is simply admirable !
Tuma Craft from Chhattisgarh – Unique work which creates beautiful pieces out of Gourd              ( Lauki)
Sikki Grass Murals from North Bihar
Pattachitras from Orissa
Talapatchitras and other crafts from Puri ,Orissa
Dangal – The Haryana Way !
They served delicious Litti Chokha and Anarsa –  A way of life in Bihar 
From a distance it was just a riot of colours !
Waiting for their performance !
This guy would give Shakira a run for her money !
Happy to do the balancing act !

If you are a connoisseur of art then you can spend hours here marveling intricacy of different art forms which have been carried forward through centuries. Or you can simply enjoy the colours, music and the fervour.

I also went through the following links which throw some light on the art forms I have captured above –





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