The famous minaret whose construction was started by Qutab -U- Din Aibak and which was then further augmented by subsequent rulers of Delhi is the historic icon everyone longs to visit in Mehrauli. Thousands flock everyday to the premises which encloses one of the most famous monuments of India, the Qutab Minar everyday.  Just adjacent to this tourist hotspot is the not so popular Mehrauli Archaeological Garden which also has quite a few relics from the times of sultanate and Mughal era. Most of them are however dilapidated now and not in prime condition. Unlike the Qutab complex this garden does not get as crowded and mostly attracts morning walkers and youngsters from nearby areas who use it as a playground. Here are some images  from a photo-walk we took around this park a few days back:



photo walkers
Getting ready with the gear 
rays 2
The sun was up playing hide and seek with this oasis of green in Delhi
forgotten path
We spent most of the time practicing our shots at Rajon Ki Baoli – A step well made for the masons during its prime now an abandoned structure.
rajon ki baoli
One of the corridors which runs along the perimeter of the step well
rajon ki baoli corridor
The symmetry of the arches in the corridor was worth capturing
split personality
This  here is the group being split by the shadows 

Courtesy: Kumarjee School of Photography who took us for this beautiful photo – walk .

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