The Beautiful Sunrise at Park Hyatt Goa

This year we were to travel to Goa for our annual conference, a brilliant proposition on any given day but if you add the further subtext of the same being held in May then the resultant mood changes a little. Not many fancy this abode of beaches and beer at the time when the onslaught of summer across the subcontinent begins. However this “off-season” is probably the time when you can enjoy the luxuries of sprawling resorts which you can find in numbers especially in South Goa and I was delighted when I found that our stay was to be in Park Hyatt near Arossim Beach in South Goa.

A Beautiful Resort

The lobby is where you make the first impression about any hotel, at Park Hyatt a laid back lounge welcomes you giving you a glimpse of the sprawling property spread over 45 acres. Once through with my check-in procedures I chose to walk to my room and was enamored by the beautiful landscaping done everywhere.


Tall palm trees, expansive lawns and pretty little bridges over the lagoons which I crossed as I walked towards my room were all so enchanting. Suddenly you feel being part of a charming little world disconnected with the humdrum of what goes on outside. Here you can choose between luxurious suites or well decorated rooms, in one of which I was to put up, everything inspired by Portuguese heritage. As I settled in my lagoon facing room, out in the distance I could see the resort’s private beach and waters of the Arabian Sea.

Pleasures of a Private Beach

While the evening of the day we arrived was spent in preparation of the conference the next morning  I did make it a point to go to the private beach for a walk. The rhythmic sound of the waves, orange hued sky and a mild temperature made it a pleasurable experience. There were quite a few on the beach who were enjoying their morning’s health routine in such a beautiful ambiance.


While the tourists took a stroll the locals fishermen went about their job of preparing  for their day’s catch. This walk had been beautiful, refreshing and soothing so I made it a point to go to beach for the remaining two mornings I had.


Truly 5 Star Facilities:

Apart from the beauty of the landscape and the privilege of a private beach this resort had facilities worthy of every star assigned to it. Although I could not use it but I loved the beautiful and expansive swimming pool. Likewise the health spa actually had a full building  with a waiting lounge, changing rooms and shower  instead of a few rooms to tick off the list. I loved the breakfast spread we got at their Village Cafe was and the same also is open 24×7 where you could get food all night long.

Martin’s Corner, King’s Beer etc :


On the free day we had in our itinerary we had rented bikes from place just across the road. Martins Corner was a few kilometers away so we drove there for lunch. Even during a sultry and humid day it was buzzing with people. The menu was an array of Goan delicacies and if you are a sea food lover this place was a paradise. For vegetarians like me there were only a few options which belonged to the local cuisine so I had ordered the Goan Curry with Rice which turned out to be an amazing choice. After our lunch at this legendary restaurant we rode to the Colva beach and had another round of King’s Beer which had become our staple since we had landed in Goa. After a few hours of our sojourn we were back within the beautiful confines of Park Hyatt.

By Samanvay

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