The mayhem is over, at least for now. A heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stood up to be counted and help. Every simple act has mattered in the days gone by. Things are creeping back to normal. Yet another unlock is underway. Travel destinations have again opened and I hear that the roads leading to them are already buzzing with travelers. Whether it is throwing caution to the winds or just a way to release the tension which had surpassed the limit of tolerance is a matter of perspective. Just the way for some glass is half full and others the same is half empty. What is not up for discussion though is that whether you stay rooted to your base or venture out for a getaway, caution remains our best friend. Lansdowne could be good option, a secluded hill station in the foothills of Himalayas – less touristy yet scenic and beautiful, making it a worthy choice for a weekend getaway from Delhi. We had made a trip to this idyllic base of Indian Army back in July 2018. Almost three years down the line here is a look back.

A weekend Getaway from Delhi – Road trip to Lansdowne

As coincidence Euro ’20 is on right now and I remember that back in 2018 we had travelled in the weekend of World Cup Final. We had started from Gurgaon at around 3.00 pm and it was pouring down that afternoon. However a timely start ensured that we beat the rush hour and were comfortably out on the Delhi – Meerut highway. A brief stop in Modi Nagar was taken for some evening snacks. Thereafter it was almost a full throttle all the way to Lansdowne. Barring only, a short break on Meerut By-Pass to capture the sunset, which was totally worthy. The drive after that lasted for another 4- 5 hours and we would have reached our place of accommodation somewhere around 10 pm.

Sun Sets on Meerut bypass

Beautiful Lansdowne

Lansdowne is not a typical hill station. Being the headquarter of the Garhwal Rifles it is more like an army base. There are a few resorts just a few kilometers downhill where you can choose to stay. The beauty of this place is its slight off-beat persona which can give you a secluded and idle weekend in the hills unlike the mainstream and much more commercialized places. And if it rains then I was told that it becomes absolutely surreal around here as clouds descend and that is the kind of view we had woken up to the next day.

Things to Do in Lansdowne

Once you are done admiring the wonderful misty hills all around and soaking in the fresh mountain air you can choose to step out of your resort. One of the days we chose to drive up to Lansdowne and took a stroll around the town. We visited the Darwan Singh Museum which depicts the history of the Garhwal Rifles and this small town. While there are some other spots which come up in various blogs we chose to get back to our resort. The most recommended places are

  • Tip and Top Viewpoint – Famous hilltop point to catch panoramic views of the mountains, valleys, and the town below.
  • Bhulla Tal – Local lake surrounded by hills and pine forests.
  • St. Mary’s Church – One of the oldest Catholic churches of town, known for its colonial architecture.
  • Kitchner Lines Cemetery – 150-year-old burial grounds of soldiers, now a tranquil part of town.
  • Lover’s Lane – Pine shaded hilly trail surrounded by rolling hills, great for a day trek and hike through the woods.

Around Lansdowne

We had also driven down to DevPrayag which was approximately 75 kilometers from where we stayed and took us around 2 hours to reach. The drive was beautiful with a contrast of clear blue skies and lush green hills. DevPrayag is one of the five holy confluences where rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet and further flow down as Ganges. We had reached there right in mid of the day hence the whole place seemed to be taking a break. There was a temple at the confluence but there weren’t people around. The two rivers two were however bulging and their current was ferocious. Result of the rains. Standing there at the tip where the rivers met with all their might felt good albeit with a slight of nerves. On the way back we found by chance a spot surrounded by Mango orchard and a person who sold fresh mangoes. The next half an hour was spent there gorging .

Where to Stay in Lansdowne

We had stayed at Ivy Green Resort. At that time it had just begun its operations yet the experience we had was vey good, The location of this resort gave you a great view and the cottages were compact and cozy. Read my review given to them at that time on Tripadvisor here

Other recommended hotels from Tripadvisor are as below

  • AstreVue Resort – Click here
  • BluePine Resort – Click here
  • La Hermitage – Click here

All said Lansdowne is a great choice for an offbeat and slightly aloof vacay. Plus a good choice if you are looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi as things unlock.

  1. Distance from Delhi: Approx. 280Kms
  2. Route : Delhi -> Ghaziabad -> Meerut -> Khatauli -> Bijnor -> Kiratpur -> Najibabad -> Kotdwar -> Lansdowne
  3. Travel Time : 6-8 hours
  4. Best Time to Visit – April to June , Sep to Feb

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