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This New Year Let there be Health

The year in the calendar has changed again and it is time to be grateful for coming out of the previous one safe and with sound health. Time to be thankful for all the good things which would have taken place in all our lives despite uncertainties which don’t seem to be going away. It is also the time when everyone world over hopes for a fresh beginning and looks forward to an year full of success and accomplishments. It is time ripe for resolutions. Well ! at least for around 30% of optimistic people basis a site which publishes data on this annual ritual. And to no-one’s surprise loosing weight and staying healthy comes put on top of the list, especially for the baby boomers and most of the millennials. So in this context this book called The Supreme Doctor may be a relevant one for the one’s who intend to go on a journey of staying healthy all year long.

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Staying Healthy is as much Mental as it is Physical

So once the resolve to take charge of our health is made, once again, the adrenaline runs high. All sorts of goals are put down on paper. The health and fitness app see a spike as the world rushes to meet its health goals. However if we ask people then most of these goals will be numbers around the physical and visible aspect of your health. It is most often your body weight, net calorie intake or number of hours of workout. Very seldom we find goals which define what we ought to do for the mental and the invisible part of our health. Something which most of us take for granted. Therefore this book The Supreme Doctor can be a good way to start your 2022 journey, thoroughly complementing your plan of physical transformation with a guide to nourishing your soul. The book focuses on the importance of spiritual energy and how it is at the heart of all we do and sense. Without nourishing and replenishing this spiritual energy there is no way one can attain supreme health. It explains the science behind the power of meditation and why it is necessary to be imbibed in our daily lives. That is what the first part of this book focuses on.

Healing your Chakras

Once you have gone through the why the second part of the book lays down a simple guide of practicing and healing your body from within with the help of Chakra Meditation. The specialty doctors within our own body is what the author calls the Chakra System. The book devotes one chapter each to explain the meditation techniques, mudras and breathing exercises for energizing each of your Chakras.

  • Mooladhar – Root Chakra
  • Swaadhisthan – Sacral Chakra
  • Manipur – Navel Chakra
  • Anahata – Hearth Chakra
  • Vishuddhi – Throat Chakra
  • Agnya – Third Eye Chakra
  • Sahasaara – Crown Chakra

The combined exercises is what they call Psycho-Neurobics

This book is more like a hands on guide of how you can include a simple mediation practice in your daily routine and does a fairly sincere job of explaining why you need to it at the same time.

Why is it that inspite of spending billions our society is still in a state of unhealthy industrialised population ? Despite several developments, modern medical science is still clueless. The major reason behind this situation is that at the time of treatment, we only focus on the physical aspect of an illness

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  1. Chakra Meditation involves Chakra Anusandhana, which means “discovery or search of the chakras”. It is a simple way for beginners to explore the chakras self-tutored. It helps in awakening them gently, and in a balanced integrated way. Within our bodies there are focal points of energy, called Chakras, that we use, whether consciously or unconsciously.

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