Going out for a good cup of tea is one of our thing to do during our weekends. However the millennium city is simply not a tea city, it would rather have its drink late in the night. Therefore we have a few limited choices for our morning cravings for the quintessential adrak waali Chai. So a place which called itself Pehle Chai was bound to make us curious. We should come here is what we said, every time we passed by this place with a vibrant façade.

So this month we have finally managed to be there, ditching our usual tea place. It did not disappoint. They served a really well brewed Ginger Tea, could not complain at all. To go along with our tea we had their Poha, seemed a good amalgamation of the North Indian and Indori style, tangy and delicious. We also gobbled a few of their Atta biscuits which fit perfectly well with our tea. The menu was elaborate and full of Indian “naashta” so for us it turned out to be a good find.

Another rare breed of café which we would like to go to on an idle Sunday.



By Samanvay

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