Mingling with these people and more who have not been mentioned the Count spends more than 30 years in Metropol. It is a tale which will make you smile with the wit and humour generally coming from Count himself. It explores how different human relationships blossom over a period of time whether its friendship or love and help an individual overcome most daunting of the circumstances. The story also gives space to each of its character and its not merely the Count you identify with but everyone else who had become part of his new family in the world of Metropol. It ends beautifully and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction

The book connects at a level that you start feeling every up and down which these guys went through and finally made their mark. You feel joyous at every milestone and a little disappointed at every setback. It motivates you to find your calling and then give it your all with a never say die attitude. It underlines the importance of your family .It shows what a great culture and a bunch of like minded people with an unfailing spirit can do to an organisation. It leaves with you spirit of “Just Do it”.