For our second day in Manali, which also happened to be Christmas, we had marked Solang Valley and possibly a detour to Gulaba as the places to go. Going any further was not heplful as Rohtang Pass had closed down with the onset of winter. The temperature had dipped furtherContinue Reading

The per kilometer density of pubs and breweries in Gurgaon (Gurugram) must be the highest in the country. When you add the swanky and state of the art wine shops we have at every corner, also acting as a landmark for someone who is coming to your home, we haveContinue Reading

The ancient Sanskrit name of the city of Vrindavan comes from its groves of Vṛndā or Tulsi (Holy Basil) with Vana meaning a grove or a forest. Lord Krishna is believed to have spent a considerable time here in these groves during his childhood, and thus this small town holds a special place in Hindu mythology. Thousands of devotees visitContinue Reading

It was not a surprise that Cyber Hub, one of the hotspots of Gurgaon (I am still coming to terms with Gurugram) was buzzing on  Christmas eve. One of the colder nights of this season added a christmasy chill to  the place decorated with glittery lights. ready for Santa to come callingContinue Reading