Sikkim is s a small state but there is so much to see and we did our best to cover it in the 7 days we had as we travelled almost 1000 kms in that time touching every region – North ,East, West and South of this beautiful state.

Munnar Tea Gardens

As our regular routine becomes more hectic with every passing year our plan for year end travels are becoming more relaxed. So unlike the more typical travel to Kerala where people tend to cover Alleppey, Thekkady and Munnar as a circuit we only stayed in Munnar for three days. So here is a look at how three days can be spent around Munnar based on our experience.

Parvati Valley

This road was less crowded and the landscape had a little bit of rawness about itself. The incessant construction which we had found on the way to Manali had not yet travelled to this part of the world. We kept moving on the meandering road with the river flowing along the way.

You put a Mumbaikar and Delhiite (this nomenclature in the sense I have used it includes the satellite towns Noida and Gurgaon to the dismay of  some)  in a room and very soon the conversation will be about a comparison on how life in their respective city is better.

The castle itself was very ornate built using the traditional Kathkuni style which only uses stones and wood in alternate layers. There are three shrines in the courtyard on the ground floor…..