Finally the clock showed 5 as it had to. We got a green gypsy @ 15 km per km. Well you can pay that considering the fact this drive had the potential of providing us the sight of the majestic Indian Tiger. As we began it started getting cloudy , suddenly the weather had become pleasant.

SG Highway . It is the short form for the stretch of a four lane highway which connects Sarkhej(S) and Gandhinagar (G), so it is the SG highway.Well for a normal traveller this would be normal stretch of road,nothing extraordinary about it, just another work of NHAI . For meContinue Reading

This was  the first travel plan which we ever implemented in our two years at MBA   Just back from the college after an annoying presentation of a project we call Capstone where a gentleman kept asking questions which meant nothing, we were sitting in the canteen with cups ofContinue Reading