Snapshots from Delhi: Sweet Potatoes

Streets of our cities can be a foodie’s paradise offering a tantalizing treat to one’s taste buds .There always seems to be a trademark delicacy which is popular among the masses as well as the classes which they love to savor standing shoulder to shoulder. Likewise in Delhi stalls selling sweet potatoes start popping up everywhere as the winter starts setting in. They throng the streets and markets as if the entire city has shifted to a diet of Sweet Potato (Shakarkand) .However the humble dish offered by these stalls is an example of how three simple ingredients come together to give you a burst of flavor. A lemon is squeezed over the pieces of boiled “Shakarkand” and tangy chat masala is put over it. It is sweet, sour and tangy all at the same time. Quite wonderful when you consider that it doesn’t bother your wallet too much and only requires 5 minutes at one of these stalls


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