The temperature had dipped and the troublesome humidity which normally follows a burst of rain here was not there at all. To make the most of this rare occasion we thought of going to a place which can thoroughly complement the weather and my wife came up with this new place called Hamoni Cafe by The Greens………..

Today I had joined another outdoor classroom session which is conducted by Kumarjee School of Photography and found myself in the chilly environs of the lush green Mehrauli archaeological Garden. Suddenly the temperature has dropped in this oasis of dense greenery in our capital city. While the new joiners went throughContinue Reading

Rewinding the time a little, holiday season around Dusshera and Diwali brought a lot of simple joys. There was the long time off from school, a very desirable midterm break which gave relief from homework and unit tests. In that age it was the very definition of freedom. Then thereContinue Reading