Sikkim is s a small state but there is so much to see and we did our best to cover it in the 7 days we had as we travelled almost 1000 kms in that time touching every region – North ,East, West and South of this beautiful state.

The castle itself was very ornate built using the traditional Kathkuni style which only uses stones and wood in alternate layers. There are three shrines in the courtyard on the ground floor…..

When you are taking a stroll in the cold Himalayan weather a tea shop can be a very enticing proposition. After all Garam Chai Pe Charcha in the mountains is always a good idea ! Taken during our recent trip to Manali. Read more here Manali-Kasol Travelog: Temples of Old ManaliContinue Reading

With the number of willing travellers and tourists swelling every year the good old Indian ethic of Atithi Devo Bhava is literally true for so many who make their living through the “tourist season”. Picture from Jaisalmer Fort taken in Dec 2013.