Someday the sun will definitely set on this gloom and the morning next will bring a fresh bloom. And then it will be on us to see how beautiful a world we can groom !

assorted jars on blue shelf cabinets

These tapris are the meeting grounds for millions across this country.There are no codes of conduct involved .Whether you are a pedestrian or owner of a fancy premium car you just need to stop at one of these and you would be assured of ek cutting chai in a matter of minutes. If you are lucky it might have some ginger and tulsi and would taste really awesome. These tapris are the Starbucks of India built without any brand and marketing

body of water near snow capped mountains

It is amazing how you have some days which have nostalgia written all over them. Perhaps this is one of them when your daily act is not what concerns you. One of those days when some neon lights pop up in your brain and some blasts from the past happen. In a flash a host of incidents are played and replayed. Faces of friends I made and some who are now lost in the wheel of time. There is no regret just a smile.

SG Highway . It is the short form for the stretch of a four lane highway which connects Sarkhej(S) and Gandhinagar (G), so it is the SG highway.Well for a normal traveller this would be normal stretch of road,nothing extraordinary about it, just another work of NHAI . For meContinue Reading